Monday, August 18, 2008

Out of the Nest.............For Now

This was lunch prepared for BigBoy yesterday before he left for school. One of his favorite meals this summer was a corn boil chocked full of shrimp, smoked sausage, potatoes and of course corn. For dessert, a long time favorite of his - Cinnamon Pull-Apart Cake. We attacked it like starving piranahs. I wrapped the measly leftovers and sent it on with him.

I was resolved to not shed a tear so as to not make him feel sad. I had almost made a clean getaway after giving him a last hug by his truck when I turn around and see both SuperSpouse and VolleyGirl with tears. Well, so much for that. His dad will certainly miss the buddy he's had all summer to work with, play online poker, caring for Fat Bastard and the past week of frantically finishing their project - the patio. Oh my gosh, the patio, that is a mini-series in itself. I should have documented it on video. VolleyGirl will certainly feel the void of no one shoving a bare armpit in her face or mooning her at every turn.....that's the mild things. Ah, older brothers, a unique gift to younger sisters for sure. I should know, I have two of them. Believe me though, VolleyGirl is very gifted herself at grossing her brother out, more so with words. They get a kick out of each other. She will not feel the absence as much since she stays so crazy busy and that will pick up this week as games and weekend tournaments begin. For me, it just feels quiet and sort of empty right around here right now but I know that he will enjoy his freedom again, I will miss purchasing large quantities of food and yes, the laundry load will drop, but he will spread his wings and fly with an unlimited food card and his very own washer and dryer in his new apartment!!!

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