Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Precious Memories..........Still Linger

These are a couple of my "artsy" photos from the beach a couple of weeks ago. The girls had a volleyball on the beach - of course. I sat in a chair trying to catch a good shot of the birds and have a couple of really good close ups.

Still working hard at getting things ready for BigBoy to head back to school next Sunday. Went down last Sunday and helped put things together in his new apartment. Hanging alot of pictures, shower curtain, etc. He has a nice place and I am very excited for him....makes me want to clean out the clutter here at home!

VolleyGirl couldn't be much busier. It's pretty much school, practice, homework, bed. She is practicing two and a half hours a day. I was hoping she would be in bed by 10:00 but that hasn't happened every night. She usually has around 3 hours of homework. Games start next week, that will be even more challenging.

I've not made much progress with my painting....not a good thing. To whack a bit on a dead horse....I washed 21 loads of wash this past week and still had two ready to go. It occurred to me that I should have had my friend take my clothes to their laundrymat in exchange for the paintings - really missed that deal. I have also decided that when my time comes I will be buried in a washing machine. Fold me neatly and I should fit.

Apollo, a.k.a., His Majesty, His Royal "Hine"ness, the Canine Messiah or as I call him - Fat Bastard is really going to miss BigBoy when he's away at will we all. BB is already looking forward to taking him down there for visits for a week or two at a time. (I eagerly look forward to his visits there too!)
I have been watching the Olympics as I prepare supper and folding clothes, really good. The gymnastics though - that's just not natural. What is it with the guys wearing suits that from the waist up looks just like the women's. Right before they swim with goggles and caps, you can't tell the difference. I don't miss those disgusting speedos the men used to wear, the ridiculous skin tight capris are awesome though. How can those bikinis that beach volleyball teams are wearing be comfortable, can they not make a wedgie-free bottom to wear?


  1. munwjDoesn't Michael Phelps look like he's going to fall out of that suit at any moment? We've been watching too and staying up much too late - did you see the womens gymnastics floor excercises a few nights ago?? How could anybody sleep while watching that?

    Has VG watched any of the beach volleyball? Send some photos of BB's new digs if you can!

  2. Bookmomma, I believe the swimmers are dipped in ice water, as is used for therapy, then quickly slipped into a heated suit so as when both warm up to regular temperature there is a super skin tight fit! VG has been watching both beach and indoor volleyball and prefers watching indoor. BB left yesterday and it hit all three of us pretty hard. SS and I are very excited for his new "pad" though, I will get you some photos when I can. Btw, you are about to about some damntastic filled cupcakes?