Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going Where I've Not Gone Before........

Here is the latest in the maytagarama series to be complete. I just got bored with backgrounds and just did something different. Why I did not paint it on the vertical is just as much a mystery to me as it probably is to you. Visions of landscapes, fruits, the clouds...haunt me, no, they laugh at me because I am not painting them yet until these whirlpoolaramas, whatever, are complete. I am thankful for the work, thankful for the work, thankful for the work...
What is it with these paintings of old washing machines and laundry that seem to take FOREVER for me to complete??? It's like a boxing match that keeps going into rounds that you wouldn't think they would (OK, I realize that sounds like a comment from a male, which I am not, but I had this vision of the bell ringing and a bloody, sweaty fighter heading to the corner and sitting hard on the stool, needing aid!) I mean knock them out already! These are trying for me, but I think they will make me better. It is crystal clear to me what I want to be painting. This is not my forte. God is making me stronger and using BigBoy and VolleyGirl as helpers! They were laughing at the old woman I have sketched out. (Look up) Hey, I know people drawing/painting is not one of my gifts. I almost begged not to have to put people in any of the maytagaramas but yea, doth The Maker has another plan....and believe me, it is not of my own! Trudge on....

New Adventure!
Monday morning I am driving VolleyGirl and three of her friends six hours away to the beach. This will be the first time she has had a friend go with her on a vacation AND the first time I have driven that far without the SuperSpouse. The girls are SO EXCITED and I will be AFTER I reach our destination! SuperMother-In-Law, SuperSister-In-Law and BabyNephew will be there also but are leaving in the early a.m. for optimum infant sleeping. It will be a memory maker for sure. The girls will not be any trouble, they just want to swim in the pool, be on the beach with one day of a little shopping, get matching airbrushed t-shirts and will take HUNDREDS of photos of themselves! If you do not have a teenage daughter then you are not aware that there are millions of girls that are semi-professional models already. VolleyGirl and her friends snap themselves constantly when they are together, just to look at them and laugh, whatever. I enjoy trying to get interesting photos and will probably try to get some good ones of them on the trip. Wish me luck, cause if there is a wrong turn to make, I can make it. It's the last hurrah before school sad. Back to school sales are still depressing to me. That's another story perhaps I will share to kick off the school year. Tomorrow I will prepare a blueberry cobbler for the family's lunch. For the trip, lasagna, cookies, muffins and the simplest, yet most amazing treat of all: Rice Krispie Treats.


  1. Keep up the good work on the washers. Are you doing them for someone?
    And YEEEHAAA on the road trip. You girls are going to make such good memories:) Enjoy your time together.

  2. thanks so much for your comment - you're really sweet, i have been away and not posting for a bit but i'm back.
    I absolutely love your it of an old washing machine, the one with the bucket...really shows your talent, well done!!