Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Sunrise, sunset"

I got a little painting done the other night. Today has been filled with running errands, cooking, baking cookies and rice krispie treats for VolleyGirl's team get together tomorrow and last but never the least: wash. Completed that close to 10 pm so I opted not to start painting that late. Racked up 18 loads of wash this week and there is probably two loads left in the laundry. I believe we are on our third washer. Considering setting my easel up just outside the laundry room. Hmmmm, I may be on to something there.
I took this photo a few weeks ago. The days are flying by and making me feel like I am being left behind. Behind being the key word. The magic pill to give me the energy and drive to push beyond what is required every day has not been found. Somehow, I must get more done each day. I think I am so accustom to feeling bad that it is the norm, and my norm doesn't get extra projects done. Hours of painting done after a full day or getting closets cleaned out, rooms cleaned out, floors cleaned, those types of projects are not being completed. Treading water, always treading water. Perhaps waking up feeling tired has a bit to do with it. I must press on and manage my time better....the plan now is just not working for me. Suggestions welcomed.

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  1. I completely understand! Having 3 children,job and a house to painting time is hard to find too. Here is a little secret I will share with you. Whenever I get ...what I call "a spun up aura"..EVERYTHING seems to be chaotic. I have to remember, life is not about the To-Do lists. It's about "being of maximum service to those around me" Sometimes that means slowing down. Take a breath and just do the next right thing. Simplify my day.(ex. to-do list: brush teeth,take child to doctor,take the day off work) If I can just remember to SLOW DOWN for a day or two....everything seems to fall where it may. And happen just the way it all has a rythym. MMMMMMMMM
    Remember how special and precious YOU are. You are just as special as those around you:)
    Enjoy your day.....hope that this helped in some way