Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pride and Funk

Here is the beautiful cover of the University of Alabama yearbook that BigBoy was asked to design. Yes, I am a proud mama!

Sorry to be missing so often, trying to be better. I have not created any art, feel in a rut in many areas, not just art. The hole will not ever be so deep that I will not scratch myself out! Many of you were and are my inspiration, sadly, often it brings up feelings of inadequacy and frustration with myself when I see all the art created daily. Yeah, that was a bone baring comment.....but at the same time it also pushes me to move on past my struggles. Okay, confessions over, time to see what I can do with this day, my blessings are so bountiful!



    Creating comes from deep within us...and while we need to feed our creative minds, we also need to give it time for our own seeds of inspiration and creativity to grow!

    Take care of yourself....and thank you so very much for your sweet visit and comments!

    ciao bella


  2. Nice job on the cover, BigBoy!!

    T, give yourself create for the many, many things you do that are CREATIVE throughout your daily round. It may be creative problem solving, creative cake decorating, the way you decorate your home, put the clothes away or use your blessings to bless others. Art is just one of many ways we express ourselves.

    No need for feeling less than anyone else. You ROCK!!

  3. Great cover. Don't beat yourself up for not sitting down with some paints or pen. You live creatively and you should be as proud of that as you are of Big Boy and Volleyball Girl. Not having enough time for self is a burden though. Just say "time out for me."

  4. Bravo to your son for the wonderful cover!
    Your art is so awesome. It's just waiting for you to bring more forth.
    You will when the spirit moves you.

  5. I so often feel the same way. I find it difficult to be creative all the time.
    This yearbook cover is super! I really like the design. Very different. But then, I like most all of Big Boy's art.

  6. I think we all need the dry spells to be able to have the productive spells. And you missy - do some wonderful artwork. where else would BB get his talent?