Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working on the "Christmas Extravaganza"

I have only had time for a little color pencil sketch..this was just before Thanksgiving. I will have a difficult time in the next few weeks to paint. Decorating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing...recovering from decorating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing!!!! Wish I had taken photos of the two cakes I made, "Lipsmackin' Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake" and a carrot cake. I have increased pain and problems in my leg from my back but treading easily to avoid a major problem as I had last year on Thanksgiving weekend. (Holding breath, fingers crossed, saying prayer!)
That's BigBoy and VolleyGirl the day after Thanksgiving. We were all out working in the front, trying to get as much done as possible since BigBoy was leaving that day to return for school. He and his dad LOVE to put out LOTS of decorations in the front. I have yet to get any up inside but will have them complete before BB comes home for the holidays a week from TODAY!


  1. That's colored pencils? wow Very nice. Hope your back and legs hold out. I go thru some similar problems with mine too. To many falls down stairs. Trifocal glases. arrgh

  2. Hey Cris! Thanks, yeah, colored pencils. Haven't made it to trifocals - yet. I fear my luck will run out on the stairs, I am super careful on them!

  3. WOW! Love the colored pencil drawing!
    You all have got it going on with the Christmas decor. I finally got some,not all, of my wreaths hung out on the windows today. Slow going this year:)
    I'll say a prayer for the back. I know how that is:) You don't need it going out for the holidays.
    I got an epidural on Monday and it seems to b working VERY well.
    Happy late Thanksgiving.

  4. We drove by Monday night but the lights weren't turned on yet! We'll try again soon - it looks great...

  5. aaaawwww, what a cheerful holidayie post...lurv carrot cake, mind the back jack! hugs.

  6. Hi...
    Thank you for always dropping by and leave comment to my blog. I would like to draw a sketch of you or your relatives and show on my blog. If you are willing to, please send a close up photo to leetgallery@gmail.com


  7. Artist Un. just dropped by to thank you for your comments on my blog, I still need time to visit friends sites for longer.

  8. BTW, your sketch is amazing... The mix of colour and shadow are just great...