Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Does He KNOW He Matches The Tree???

Finally....his first pictorial......and obviously he knows how to work it, work it, work it! Honestly, this cat has not had previous modeling training. There are many more of these but they have been sent off to be printed up for his portfolio!!! This is VolleyGirl's kitty, he is a ragdoll cat. This Dec. 23rd will be eight years that he has been with us, arriving at 10 weeks old. We brought him home on a busy day, as it was my parents 50th wedding anniversary, I had a cake to pick up, family dinner to attend, then family came over to the house afterwards. He was great. Oh, his name: Dudley. He is a people person, but NOT a lap cat. I have begged that cat to sit in my lap, but he does not, that I kind of miss. He does visit me each night, waking me up. He loves to aggravate His Royal "Hine"ness Apollo on the staircase since the Canine Messiah is not allowed on them. He does love to mess with the tree but will finally settle down and lay under it, perhaps knowing just how lovely he looks beneath it!
Yes, he does climb up the inside middle of the tree.......


  1. Oh he is BEAUTIFUL. We had one years ago like that. We called her Smokey. what great photos. taking a moment to relax before people come soon. Had to meet dudly.

  2. Adorable!!!
    PS thank you AGAIN for the comments on my art - I was particularily proud of my most recent paintings - sorry I didn't respond right away, Lulu dropped my computer and busted the hard drive. :-((
    I feel like I've lost half my brain!!!

  3. Dudley's debut! He is a great tree accessory!

  4. PS - you need to do more holiday sketches... for ALL holidays! Then you need to open an Etsy shop to showcase them. Then you need to sell me the Santa hate & snowman sketches. Then you need to let me know when you want to be the featured artist at the library. Then you need to get in on the Monte Sano art show. I think I like your sketches best of all...

    Imagine the possibilities!

  5. I meant Santa HAT!

    (I don't think Santa has hate... does he?)

  6. Thanks Bookmama......I did open an Etsy account but still have to set something up for it!

  7. and I do think Santa hates extremely narrow chimneys and suits that have too much wool, not the proper cotton/silk blend!

  8. Dudley looks like my cat, Bliss!! They could be twins (except that my cat is obese.) You can see a picture of her on my Gratitude Photos link on my blog :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed seeing your art and photos :)