Friday, January 25, 2008

Wah! Wah! Wah!

SIgh....................My baby away at school has strep and the flu! Running a 102 temperature. He's a 19 year old, 6'3", 285 lb. tyke but he will always be my little boy. He lifts weights, hence the delicate size! We offered to go get him and bring him home but he says no. It's not a great feeling when you can't help take care of him. Guess that is another part of the growing up process...for me..uh...I mean him. There is still a chance we will drive two hours to go see him, although that will just interupt him from sleeping, we'll see.

Lunched out with my spouse today, that is always nice but I have not got to any painting as of yet. Now the refrigerator repair man is here to look at the frig in the garage. Cold enough out there now that we don't need a frig but that never lasts very long around would be too easy on our sinuses! It has to go back and forth, hot and cold.

Hmmmmmm.........I do not like the background color on the painting i am working on. Started out with brown, then went to almost black and now it is a very dark green and I still don't like it. The subject is bluish and pinkish/red roses. I always can picture in my head what it is supposed to look like but I obviously had a bad picture cause I don't like it. I am anxious to finish it to move on to something else. Not my way to start another, thought I could work on two simultaneously but it hasn't happened. Think that is why I am not as eager to get back to it, perplexed. Wow, very deep! The bulldog, a.k.a., His Majesty, ruler of all things in this house is whining to go out. (Presently in the royal crate) Heaven forbid, since the repairman is here. Now it is also time to go pick up my daughter from school. Wow, I've really got to dig deep for more creative and interesting prose here......I can here those reading dropping like flies! Once you get to know me, you'll love me! Gotta go now. Taxi mama time.......

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  1. You should totally post some recipes every now and then when you can. Especially that Peanut Butter cake that is an absolute orgasmic experience!
    Hope JEB is ok - I know you must be worried. Sending you a Muse to get over your painter's block!! Can you post photos of works in progress?