Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just What I Need......

So, I've decided to join the blog community. Was a decision I did not take lightly. Do I dare share my daily trials with the world, does anyone really care? Eh, probably not, but I type faster than I write and someone would probably find my diary anyhow, probably the dog. Figure I could try to be one of the more elite idiots on the internet. Besides, I'm on a new quest in my become a name as an artist, at least in my area, and sell enough to pay for my habits and my children's future. Oh yeah, my spouse was ready for more than just my input of washing, cooking, some cleaning, taking the dog out (you will quickly learn that this dog has amazing powers!) running my daughter to school and volleyball, baking, and so on, and so on. Yeah, let's paint for a couple of hours a day, I am presently working on my third canvas. More later, gotta put on a roast, bathe, and pick up my daughter, besides, I'm exhausted...just created my first blog! Whew!

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