Sunday, January 27, 2008

Patience is a Virtue!

I am fighting an uphill battle of sorts. Thankfully, my college baby is feeling some better and probably will make it to classes tomorrow but someone wiped their nasty-butt hands or sneezed on my "command center" and introduced some sort of fiber-flu that has made me a prime demograph for advertising!!! I have full intentions of showcasing some of the artwork that shoots out of these fiery fingers that I communicate with this very instance! I will do that as soon as the exterminator has worked his magic. (No, this will not be performed by the magic bulldog). Hence......patience, O audience to be! I have also had a request for one of my popular cake recipes....yes, I do try to mix up the magic that I release from these very own magic fingers. Hopefully, I will not be dodging multiple windows to type tomorrow.....................................thank you Almighty for the health of my college baby!

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