Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Review

We hurried so after church that the usual photos in our Easter frocks were not made.......take my word for it, we cleaned up pretty good, she says, with an overzealous wink. Easter afternoon in my in-laws backyard, the three nephews had just completed a successful egg hunt, complete with crying and parent discipline! BigBoy is the oldest grandchild on my husband's side of the family, VolleyGirl, the lone granddaughter.
Easter sibling love........... I baked one of the favorites around here Saturday morning: Cinnamon Pull-Apart Cake Seems in recent years it has become a new tradition that I bring a cake to all my in-laws family dinners. I always try to come up with something different. This time it was something fresh, light and pretty that was the search in my recipes. My favorite and most used new recipes always end up being from Paula Deen's magazine. She did not disappoint me this time either! Why I am stupid enough to try a brand new, untested (by myself, that is) recipe on my in-laws is a mystery to me..............or not, heh, heh.

This Raspberry Limeade Cake turned out fine. My son and husband love Key Lime pie and this cake and cream cheese frosting with the limeaid and lime zest tasted a bit like the pie. The filling is raspberry...not my favorite flavor at all, well, really, don't like it. But it was so pretty and such a small part of it, oh well. Should this cake be requested again...believe I will attempt to use strawberries instead of raspberries. Hopefully, I can post again soon, busy week (broken record) but I have not touched on a very poignant part of our week here at our household full of mixed nuts!


  1. Beautiful family and a delicious looking cake. MMmm I think I am getting hungry.

  2. I love those pull-apart cakes! I think they're also called monkey bread (but I've never seen them frosted.) They're messy and yummy!

    Hmmm, what else do you have to tell us?

    Waiting :)

  3. Oh I love raspberries in a cake. with chocolate cake tho.. yummm
    Looks like all had fun. Yes I am wondering what else you have to tell us. Or did I read that wrong....

  4. Yum yum on the cakes. Hope all is well....

  5. Wonderful pictures!!!!
    And what great cakes you bake!