Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barely Some Art

Have not been doing much art lately. This past weekend included watching that bad weather and going to my in-laws for a birthday. Yesterday was cleaning time for me, which I have dearly paid for. So, finally I am doing a little drawing with ink and color pencils. Hopefully, this week I will have time for more. Today I will be baking filled cupcakes for VG to take to school, mixed the buttercream frosting yesterday. No reason, just some of the girls bring food to a certain class and ever since Lent she has intended to. Hours of homework is what keeps her from doing it herself. Yeah, of course, I will post a photo of them later!


  1. Cupcakes?!!! I'll be right over!! ;•)

    Love the colorful art you've created....sometimes life does get in the way of "arting."

  2. oh yes.. cupcakes. I love them.
    it is a lovely drawing.

  3. I like colorful doodles like this. I also like filled cupcakes. Yummm Just reading about them makes me hungry.

  4. Oh you are always so busy!
    No wonder you have nearly no time for art.......
    This ink and color pencil one is lovely!

    take care and have a nice day!

  5. It's nice to see you made time for art...even if it is 'barely' according to you!

    I love what you've done...esp.in the pink and green....yum!
    keep on making room for little moments of artful explosions..and you'll have a large collection before you know it!

    great stuff!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. it may be all you've had time for but it's lovely nonetheless!
    I prefer my cupcakes warm...and unfrosted ;)

  7. This is pretty, is it on paper or fabric, hard to tell.

    I've been cleaning too. Fun to make order after coming up from five months of constant creativity.