Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ink Drawing ! Warning: Boring Rambling

FINALLY finished this ink drawing, it is approx. 8x10. The photo isn't great, the paper is solid white, no shading, just black and white. Mr. U has started his new job, I've been the Lady in Waiting for His Majesty a lot. Has prevented me from doing much art. Think I've been in a bit of a rut but believe I am headed around the bend! Going through withdrawals....sugar is a strong substance you know!!!! It wasn't a mystery to me that my only options to help myself, to be the mother, wife and hopefully one day, grandmother is to take change my eating. Oh, I've lost before, years ago, took off 40 lbs with my diet and walking 3 miles daily. It is difficult with my love of food, "medicating" myself with it, unable to exercise like I used to....blah, blah, blah. Going to take off a little, then try the pool again, though it is even a bit hurtful. My foot has been giving me a great deal of pain, it is nerve pain that is from my back, it is non-stop but has worsened in recent months, some days/hours worse than others. I don't want to whine, but it combined with the knee, it's on the same leg and back itself keeps me depressed because it limits me and I get discouraged at the filthiness around me. Feel older than my years. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed and know it, soooo many others are worse off and I could be too. Constant pain is relentless and depressing and the fibro - it's like a poison cherry on top. Mr. U gets tired of it I know, as so do I. OKAY...enough of THAT but it gives you a peak into where I'm coming from, thanks y'all, for listening....just a bit of venting.


  1. Wow Awesome drawing.
    I had to look again to see if this was me writing and I wasnt reading someone else. Geesh you sound like me. Back pain or cronic pain is just wearing. and I too am off sugar.. being over weight by even ten pounds.. and I need more then that off..can complicate the back and knee even more. Well sometimes getting it out there and out of oneself helps. so ramble away. but hey keep up that drawing. these are fantastic.. BTW hows the show going? is it over or still there?

  2. A gorgeous drawing! I love it!!

    Hang in there. I'm not myself either these days. Don't know if it's age, (almost 47, omg, can that be true?) the weather, hormones,(eeeeek) or health issues. But I am tired of it! I also need to lose a few...and not motivated to do much either.

    I need a jolt of something...fresh air, b12, who knows...but something to jump start me and get me out of this dreary funk! ;)

    Personally, I think getting it out helps. So you just ramble on all you want to!


  3. Hey we all need to vent and rant from time to time. Glad to hear yours as I just did it myself!! Misery loves company ya know.

    I hope some or all of yours gets better and getting round the bend will be soon and a good thing.

    In the meantime, you ARE creating beatuiful art and can feel GOOD about that. Love the black and white flowers! They brought a smile from my lips.

    Hugs and wellness wishes galore sprinkled on you!

  4. Your art has not besoke your ailments. I love the header picture as well as the drawing you have highlighted.

  5. Thanks to you all for the comforting and compliments...Cris, the exhibit is still going, through April. I haven't been back over there in a couple of weeks so I assume they haven't sold too much of it or they would be needing more..:( I may get by there tomorrow or Saturday.

  6. i love your black and white line sketching! it's great...and what woman doesn't like to ramble....!lol


  7. Well I will join Cris and say I felt like I had written the pain part. Mine started with a motorcycle wrect in 1994. I have ankle and knee problems and have already had a knee replacement. I walk with a limp which causes some back pain. I'm almost 61 and everything hurts. What doesn't hurt, I no longer have. And arthritis sure knows where to go when you have week bones.

    And I'm wayyyyyyyy overweight but don't even like myself when I am sugar free. So not taking that option.

  8. OMG!! What! I so feel it too...
    What is it the change of weather? We all can't be going through the changes?
    The drawing is awesome! and btw, I believe a little relieving of yourself in public (complaining)
    is good and fresh for the soul, especially if your other half is around alot more!
    I know with this economy, mine is too! and frankly too much!
    Just remember to keep it with us, not him! I think we are all on the same page with this. You have a wonderful spirit,
    always positive!
    It's great knowing you are human too!
    I love the petals on the flowers!
    Composition and style are unique and refreshing!

  9. You just vent dear.We all need that sometimes! Sounds familiar to me anyway.......
    Your ink drawing is awesome!
    You take care!

  10. You already know I love your work. I have to say I love the banner!

    That is so me...out of all the pretty shoes, I am just a rugged comfortable pair of cowboy boots!

  11. You go right ahead and vent. That's what we're here for. So sorry that you are in so much pain. I know losing weight at our age is sooo hard. It's like constantly walking uphill only to slide back down every few feet.

    Love your drawing! Makes me think of spring, which is beginning to show its head around here a little.