Friday, December 2, 2011

Argh! Ho,ho, ho!!!

No time for art (booooooo!) decorating, giving Dudley pills, making coffee, washing, buying food, decorating, giving Dudley pills, feeding the Canine Messiah, washing, cooking, running errands, making coffee, resting aching bod, holding Dudley, washing, checking on the old golden retriever (Bubba), and so on, and so on........miss blogging!!!! Will post photos when finished decorating! Probably not making the open house was hoping to attend tomorrow (waaaaah!) But - I have a new cellphone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photos one and two were taken with it. That is my four year old nephew in the first photo, came over while we were setting up outside decorations, he was so excited. Hope to catch up with everyone soon, maybe later in the evening, right now, gonna put on chicken for stew to take to in-laws, my MIL is having knee surgery today....Big Boy has been away on his first job trip to Oklahouma, he is enroute home now and the fat one (not me) will be sooooo happy!!!! Love and good health to all for now!


  1. Oh you are nearly ready for the holidays!
    But snow is missing in your garden ;)
    Hope Dudley gets well soon!
    Apollo looks like he is ready for some X mas dinner.
    yeah sometimes life is just too busy. But try to enjoy this month dear.
    Have a nice day :)

  2. That banner is stunning! yes art made well!
    The kid is the cutest lawn ornament I've ever seen! Happy holidays!

  3. I see nothing's changed in your neighborhood. Busy, busy! But your house is lovely. You always do a beautiful job of decorating. Try to take a breath once in a while.

  4. I hope your MIL is doing well. Good to see the 'kids' furry and not. :) Are you getting snow yet?

  5. Like your banner. Wow you sure sound busy. Happy Holidays!


  6. love and blessings for this festive season to you and Fatty!

  7. It's lovely around your home...hope your Christmas is very Merry indeed!