Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weather Outside Could Be Frightful!!!!!

The food, batteries, and salt have all been purchased, waiting now for the snow to start!!! We are in North Alabama and expect anywhere from 3-10 inches, down here that's almost paralyzing. Had to make preparations for the storm and to send BigBoy back to school today to avoid it all. He may get more ice where he is, miss him already. Will catch up with all soon as long as we get more snow than ice, keeping our electricity! VolleyGirl and I are thinking of snow statue ideas, if snow cooperates.


  1. Wow, that much snow would be a threat here too. Batten down the hatches and make some hot chocolate. If find that the best thing to do during a storm.

  2. I saw on the national weather report that y'all are going to get bombed! We have 3-6 inches forecasted for Tuesday eve and Wednesday. Glad I no longer have to be out in it! When the weather gives you snow, make statues!

  3. hope you survived the blast of snow intact. you guys really did get alot of snow!!!

  4. Stay safe and warm dear!
    No more snow here....... but winter isn't over , so who knows....

    Enjoy it!