Monday, July 5, 2010

Urgent! Beloved Pet Missing!

Little Sophie, silky terrier, is missing since last night. She is shown here with her family, Eli, pictured above and below with Finn.
Please keep them in positive thoughts and prayers. I just recently spent quite a bit of time with Sophie when VolleyGirl and I stayed with the boys and Friday evening decorating a birthday cake for Eli. The boys don't grasp the gravity of it ...... yet.


  1. Oh I hope the boys get their little doggie back.... so sad when a pet is missing....

    Thanks for posting this all little bits may help!

  2. ohmyohmyohmyohmy!!!!

    I can't imagine the fear the doggie feels and the kids feel.
    I hope and pray it all turns out okay.

    Send this to everyone!

    I owe you many visits. I hope to catch up soon.

    Poor pup...please come home ♥