Monday, July 5, 2010

Lost Doggie Update!

This photo of my two great-nephews, Eli on the left and Finn, on the right, was taken a couple of weeks ago. There is sweet Sophie on the couch. I am beyond relieved and thrilled to say she has been found!!!!!!!!! Apparently, a neighbor found her last night and kept her over night. She did not know who she belonged to until late today. Sigh, so happy, was so worried. Mr. U and BigBoy went looking, as did VolleyGirl with one of her friends.......a happy ending!


  1. What a happy end!!!
    Thank goodness

  2. Hurray Sophie!!!!!!!!!!



    Good girl ;)

  3. So happy at the outcome.. so many dogs bolt over fireworks. Happy ending.

  4. Thank heavens for the safe return of Sophie! I've lost a pet before and I know the pain of not knowing what happened to them and I'm genuinely happy for you!


  5. Whew! So glad you found your dog! I worry myself sick over lost dog/cat posters when I see them. I always wish the owners would post "found dog" posters when they get them back so I can stop worrying!
    Here's to two happy little boys!

  6. So glad to see such a sweet little doggy has come home!

  7. I am SO glad that your little Sophie is home again. What a darling she is and what a relief for you! We had a little toy poodle that went missing over 11 years ago and it was a painful and emotional time for all of us. We pined for him as he was so loved but, unfortunately, the house we had just moved to didn't have a proper fence and my mother-in-law left the door open and, before we knew it, he'd gone walkabout never to be seen again. We like to think that a nice, elderly couple took him in and spoiled him. We still talk about Brandy a lot. I have a little Shihtzu/Maltese/Chihuahua cross now and he is loved dearly.