Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

May all you fathers enjoy your day and feel loved and appreciated! Those of us who can only have our dad in memories, may the sweetest ones come to mind. Pictured above, my dad was posing for a photo to be used in a newspaper article concerning his wood carvings. Today I am remembering how funny, loving, big-hearted and talented he was.


  1. I agree. I regularly remind myself how lucky I am to still have both my parents (they're in their middle 70's) and both of them are in pretty good shape. Actually, I think my Mom can outwalk, outwork and generally out do me even to this day!

    Hope your memories brought a smile to you. Your Dad sounds like he was a wonderful person... and Dad.

  2. I miss my dad, too. Nice memories, however.