Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My heart goes out to those north of me that are experiencing horrendous flooding, I have family and friends there, southwest, not far away, had deadly tornadoes, then further south, at our vacation playground, where they will be affected by the oil spill. We dodge and duck the weather, but so far, so good, we are very fortunate. Some of you were wondering, thank you for your concern. Count your blessings. Today, my attention goes to one of those awesome blessings...

My son arrives home this Thursday from college, for the summer. I so enjoy having him home as does Mr. U, VG and most of all, Apollo. While this is a joyous occasion, it does not come without consequence....OR without preparation. BigBoy is called so for a reason. He's a 6'3", 275-280 strapping 21 year old that may not be finished growing. He's also an avid weight lifter and those of you who have raised a boy can confirm, they eat large amounts of food.

One of these 5 ft. cubic chest freezers will make its home in my garage this week. Trips to the warehouse stores, Sam's and Costco, will hopefully provide some bargains to fill this baby with nutritional sustenance.

Hmmmm, perhaps one of these "park at your home" storage units would be in order to keep a full stock ready and handy.
Strategy is in the works to stay ahead of the game. I may be working more this summer, having knee surgery and do not want to go by the grocers every other day.
Why, you may ask, does the one that eats like an infant - every two hours, why doesn't he prepare for himself? He has and does occasionally, he's quite the cook, more so than VolleyGirl. However, I like to do all I can and here's why. He is a hardworking, never been in trouble and considerate son. He will take on all the Royal Canine Duties upon his arrival, helps in any way he can around the house, working full time (at home) on his computer doing graphics, will be a great help when I have surgery and is always considerate of his mom and dad. He's a protective, though often bossy, brother to VG. I keep his clothes clean and his belly full.....plus, he's still my boy and my time with him, living at home, is nearing the end. I enjoy it and want to help him. Hope he will have great memories of his mom being good to him all his years. Besides......what goes around, comes around. Circumstances may be that he provides some care for me one day - so I'm going to treat him very well! So, you see.....I'm no dummy! ;)


  1. This is so sweet! My boy is only 14 right now...but he sure loves the baked goods and pasta and home cooked anything! and right now is when we, as mothers can do for our kids, right!
    when they're officially gone, or married, then the 'wife' becomes the new 'mother' figure and does most of the 'work'! lol

    your son is so cute! I'm just sayin'!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. You are a great mom, btw...forgot to mention that....!!! oops! lol

  3. You've raise a fine son. A very nice looking fine son too. :) Enjoy your time with him and your Daughter too.

  4. We find the larder shelves are rather bare after a visit from either of our two grandsons. They just help themselves, we restock afterwards.

  5. I remember the days of feeding my son and his friends. Good thing I had a decent job. Ha... HAW.

  6. your son is great....and i know what you mean. i have one of them too, he's 15 and over 6 ft. my baby. the only kid we have left who is still at home with us. :)

  7. he is a darling and handsome too. my youngest (maggies daddy) 6'2 and eats like a horse...anyway all growing boys have hollow feet lol. i am soo excited for hrh apollo, sir of all sirs, lord of all he surveys - as he and his buddy are gonna have a wonderful summer. you go mom, feed that young man. one day he will have a wife and you will miss him like crazy!

  8. I have to say I love what you share every time I stop by. But this, my friend, brought me to tears this morning. Thank you for reminding me what this beautiful life is about....loving the ones you have and SHOWING the ones you love just how much. Just "being" love.
    Yhank you :)