Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitting in Art

Ready to begin work on the wood cross next, then on to background. I like to look at progression photos which I always take of my work. Thought I would share some today.

It was very hard for me to color over this pencil shading but I have already created two pencil Easter pieces and wanted to do a color one. Unlike in my Christmas colored pieces where the shading showed through very well with little accenting afterward, this didn't occur. Winced on that.....but have shaded with a darker color of purple and black.

I go ahead and finish off areas to avoid smearing.
No, this isn't an ancient drawing or spilled tea. I began this drawing sitting in a Starbucks while we were out of town and it looked totally yellow. Hoping to make progress on this today and finish next week.

VolleyGirl (think I'm going to have to :( rename her) and I had a great time the other weekend. Didn't get lost we did have a couple of extra circles here and there looking for the restaurant. We shopped, ate too much and bought very little but we enjoyed ourselves. Now I've been swimming laps and treading water at the gym pool for a couple of weeks, knees and back are holding up pretty well so far. Shopping a bit, with little luck, for a dress for the wedding and trying to get some art accomplished. The first wedding event is this Sunday, a bridal shower and of course I'm uncertain to what I will wear. Why should I, have over an entire day left! Also.....why did I ever start twitter.......