Friday, October 16, 2015

Just Missed A Few Posts......

Not sure when I went off the rails, but I did.
Quick catch up from this end: Yes, the wedding happened, barely missing rain.
Yes, I'm still creating art:

Yes, I'm still baking cakes:
Yes, Volleygirl grew up beautifully and isn't exactly a Volleygirl anymore:
Yes, I have a whole lot of catching up to do reading everyone's blog. 
But, I am preparing for something new this December:
Our first grandchild
A granddaughter!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Blessings

9x12 color pencil

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter!

Just completed yesterday. Been busy with wedding things, have an exhibit this coming Saturday, need more art! Still hope to get around to see what everyone's been up to (not enough hours in a day.)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitting in Art

Ready to begin work on the wood cross next, then on to background. I like to look at progression photos which I always take of my work. Thought I would share some today.

It was very hard for me to color over this pencil shading but I have already created two pencil Easter pieces and wanted to do a color one. Unlike in my Christmas colored pieces where the shading showed through very well with little accenting afterward, this didn't occur. Winced on that.....but have shaded with a darker color of purple and black.

I go ahead and finish off areas to avoid smearing.
No, this isn't an ancient drawing or spilled tea. I began this drawing sitting in a Starbucks while we were out of town and it looked totally yellow. Hoping to make progress on this today and finish next week.

VolleyGirl (think I'm going to have to :( rename her) and I had a great time the other weekend. Didn't get lost we did have a couple of extra circles here and there looking for the restaurant. We shopped, ate too much and bought very little but we enjoyed ourselves. Now I've been swimming laps and treading water at the gym pool for a couple of weeks, knees and back are holding up pretty well so far. Shopping a bit, with little luck, for a dress for the wedding and trying to get some art accomplished. The first wedding event is this Sunday, a bridal shower and of course I'm uncertain to what I will wear. Why should I, have over an entire day left! Also.....why did I ever start twitter.......

Friday, March 16, 2012

More Art and Girls' Weekend

This 9x12 pencil on bristol was completed a week ago and I need to get it framed by next Wednesday. It is the most detailed pencil drawing I have ever done other than the snowmen. Really, it looks better in person, (in person? in paper?) you know what I mean. Also have another Easter picture in progress in pencil now but will finish it in color pencil. I really will try to stop by some sites tonight perhaps, after packing and probably after a movie the hub wants to see. My attempt at keeping up failed, duh, obviously. So here I go again! Let me say that all are well here, Apollo, aka, His Royal Hindness, Dudley, the insatiable appetite for canned food now, VolleyGirl, in college now, living at home, BigBoy, wow...has a great job and enjoying it, wedding is May 12 and Mr. Unplugged, just started a new job and busier. Me, still washing 18 loads a week, cooking most nights, dog watcher, JUST WENT BACK TO THE GYM, swimming and walking in the pool....unsure how the bod will handle it yet, reading to read a book, (okay, I realize this sounds as if I'm an idiot, I read alot but it's the newspaper, cooking, decorating, junk magazines, the internet but now a real book!) creating art and entering more exhibits. I have to have a couple of pieces ready by next Wednesday. VolleyGirl and I are going off tomorrow Saturday morning for shopping, fun, girl stuff so this post will have to do until I get back! It's always funny when we go off cause I can't find my way anywhere, not fond of driving in a town I am unfamiliar with....doesn't matter that this will be the third time we have went to this area to shop. I always get lost trying to get back to the hotel. Fortunately and unfortunately, VG enjoys it cause she just likes to ride around looking, which means she isn't always a great help finding the way back while I quietly panic on the inside thinking we will end up in a different state. We stayed at the same hotel the first two times but this time we got the best rate somewhere else soooooo, so much for being accustom to getting to and fro. We have a lot of laughs though and unlike our trips to volleyball tournaments of past, there is no set time or place to be so it is much, much less stress.....aside from thinking I will end up on the interstate with zero exits leading me two states away as I try to find the mall!

Today, I am catching up on the clothes, making some calls, working on an art piece, watching for storms. Here is a recent piece completed. This snowmen piece is 11x14, was a commissioned piece for a grandmother of her grandkids. She was a very dear friend of my mother though quite a bit younger than my mom. I know, it looks really odd to see the guns, but both these grandsons are hunters. Also, the MF on the bottom, middle one's camo cap does NOT stand for what may first come to mind! It is a place near the gulf called Mo' Fishin'. These grandchildren range in age from high school to college age.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Crawling Out of My Bloghole

Sooooo, for awhile there was no new art, no news really, too much playing around with time killing forms of communication and wedding stuff. I got back to art and joined a couple of groups as well. One, is the Ascribing Artists and those that choose to are exhibiting at the Art League this month. I have a difficult time choosing what to submit, did this 9x12 pencil drawing just below just in time. The opening reception was canceled due to the tornado storms in our area last Friday. We were fortunate once again to not be directly affected but I personally know some that have. Hazel Green, Athens, New Market, Harvest, many of these areas have been seen on the national news. Some people lost there homes for the second time in 10 months, unbelievable. The tornadoes certainly seem to take similar paths, I think it has to do with the mountains, water, etc. Anyhow, my prayers to all across our nation, so sad.

8x10 Acrylic

16x20 Acrylic

I certainly hope all have been well, will be catching up with everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scenes from the past two days....Merry Christmas!

I hate that it's been crazy busy so I've not posted. It's less than an hour until midnight - Christmas Day soon! Wanted to wish everyone a blessed, safe and memorable Christmas. Hoping all has been well, look forward to catching up very soon. The snowman was commissioned for a gift, picked up yesterday.

Celebrated my great nephew's 7th birthday last night before my side of the family's Christmas celebration. Yesterday was a poignant day - would have been my parent's 61st anniversary, would have been my mom's 81st birthday, Dudley came to our home 11 years ago on my parent's 50th anniversary. So blessed that Finn (Finnegan) was born on my mom's birthday....something to keep celebrating! He's into Mario Kart and I had never made a birthday cake for him cause it's so busy this time of year. I've always made his brother's cake in July and this year I was determined to make Finn's!

My niece had the little toy figures for the cake and Finn insisted they ALL were put on and luckily they fit! A joy to do!
We gave him the Mario cap and mustache!

A bit difficult to see but the cracklin' fire with Christmas music on Netflix is actually pretty awesome in our den! Occasionally when I am waiting for something in the oven I get to sit down for a minute and enjoy it!

One of my favorite traditions growing up - Russian tea, made with lemons, oranges, cloves, cinnamon, sugar and of course, tea! Wouldn't be Christmas without it.
Last thing I baked tonight....pecan pie, my favorite pie.

Found this chocolate macaroon recipe in a magazine last year!!!! If you love toasted coconut, you'll love this. Volleygirl has taken this task on....yes!
Been planning this cake to take to my in-laws since I first saw it on a friend's facebook post last summer. A Tuxedo Cake..........chocolate cake layers....very tall!
Icing is just heavy whipping cream with confectioner's sugar.
Just finished it!!!!!!!! Made the glaze after returning home tonight....was nervous it wouldn't turn out it! The glaze is yummy. Had to find Lyle's Golden Syrup....thankfully's an English syrup. Hope the in-laws like it.

Now, for some more art - BigBoy drew this for his grandmother in color pencil. I had a great gold frame for it and he put it in before I got a photo. That's why you see the white reflections off the glass in the red suit.
Well, I am literally ho-hoed bed, to bed said sleepy head. God bless you all!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Dogs on Thursday

View from above of the nosey Royal One.

Peeping at me in the kitchen last night.

May all of you enjoy your time with your two-legged pets, they are truly a gift! Merry Christmas Annie, Snuffles, Emma, Luna, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief and Snickers!!!